What is WMF MAT

Workplace Management Framework Maturity Audit Tool is an online platform that enables you to capture the responses for a WMF audit of your workplace.

Key benefits of WMF MAT include:

A simple and objective points based approach for determining maturity of a function within the organisation

An easy to use Question-Response interface that is optimised for touchscreens and can be easily accessed using a tablet such as an iPad.

Allows multiple users to enter responses to an audit allowing sections to be completed by different stakeholders.

Full audit trail of all entries made by different team members including comments that have been overwritten

A graphical assessment window that shows maturity of the organisational unit in a easy to understand form

A cloud based solution that can be accessed from anywhere using a secure login and password

WMF Introduction

Graham Jervis, first author of the WMF, describes the motivation and purpose behind The Framework.

WMF MAT Walkthrough

A training video of the Maturity Audit Tool showing its functionality and usage.

How to Subscribe

Subscription to the MAT is now available at an introductory price of £100 per year per Organisational-Unit.

An Organisational-Unit could be your entire company, a department or a geography. One license will allow you to conduct as many audits as you want through the year.

Training and guidance is available online and through the phone on usage of the WMF Maturity Audit Tool. Click on the link below to subscribe today.

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For Consultants

A Consultant License is available which allows practising workplace consultants to use the tool for their client base and manage client licenses. Please get in touch with us if you would like to purchase a Consultant License. This is a Super User license which allows you to administer individual licenses to your clients. Clients will be charged at £100 per year per Organisational-Unit.